• Session Tips

    To get the most out of your session, we recommend these tips .

    Getting Started



    Here are some tips to create the best environment possible for your video appointment.


    • Find a well-lit area without noise or visual distractions. A bathroom or closet usually works well as long as your internet connection remains strong.
    • Bright or glaring overhead light can be a distraction. Vanity lights or clip on lights work well.
    • Avoid back lit areas. This can make it difficult for the professional to see you clearly.
    • Selfie Ring Lights are great tools if using your cell phone.
    • Mount your phone eve level on a mirror or tile using a car phone mount
    • Laptop or tablet stands are recommended.

    Pre Appointment


    • Send your stylist inspiration boards on Pinterest, Instagram, media links or pictures from your closet.
    • Follow the instructions above to download Zoom on your smartphone or computer.

    Be Ready

    • Have your makeup, hair styling tools and products within arms reach.
    • Have clothing options, accessories including shoes, jewelry, belts and scarfs nearby. You may have already sent pictures of your looks to your stylist. 
    • Make sure your lighting is set and the area is quiet.
  • FAQs

    How Do I Book?

    Click ‘Appointments’ on the top left of our home page. You can also click on the stylists name to book an appointment.




    How long is the appointment?

    Choose between a 15, 30 or 55 minute appointment. It's up to you depending on your time and needs.



    How do I prepare for my appointment?

    Have an idea or style in mind. Have examples to show your stylist in advance. Organize your styling tools. For more details, please review our session Tips.


    What styles do you offer?

    This is up to you. Let your stylist know what look you are going for or ask them for a recommendation.


    What if I can't book an appointment for my desired date & time?

    All appointments are subject to the availability of the individual stylist. Peak days of operation include Thursday, Friday and Saturdays. It is best to book in advance.


    What if I need to cancel my appointment?

    Changes or cancellations may be made up to 24-hours prior to your scheduled appointment.


    What geographic regions do you service?

    StyldLife professionals are based worldwide and service clients around the globe. So even on your vacation in Bali, or on business in Dallas you can have a video appointment with a StyldLife professional (internet service required).


    Do you do weddings?

    Yes, whether the bride, bridal party or guest of the bride, StyldLife is available to help before and during the big day.

    Find us on WeddingWire.com


    I had a problem with my service, who do I contact?

    We hope you are happy with your online appointment. If you are not satisfied, please contact the care team at 1-833-789-5353 or contact@styldlife.com.


    Can I choose my beauty professional?

    Yes, you may choose any StyldLife service provider. Click on their images to learn more about them.


    How will I be reached by my stylist?

    Your StyldLife stylists will contact you before your appointment via email, text message or phone (be sure to include your preferred method of contact when booking your appointment). Your video appointment will be held through live video conferencing.


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